JP Navida, from sales staff to training officer

Published: May 17, 2019 06:19pm | Metro Manila

JP Navida is one of the top sales supervisors and training officer of Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Incorporated. See how he endured the life struggles and still prevail in life. Yamang Bukid is the leading turmeric tea manufacturer in the Philippines.

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Insulin Plant Benefits and its Uses: How to Maximize Healing

  • (This article is a reprint from hellodoctor)
    Insulin plant (Costus igneus, Chamaecostus cuspidatus) is an herb that is part of the family Costaceae. Other common names for insulin plant include fiery costus and spiral flag. What are some insulin plant benefits?


    Insulin plant benefits include controlling blood glucose levels. It can also be a source of protein, iron, and antioxidants.
    The plant is native to Brazil, but was later introduced to India and other parts of South and Central America. The flower is usually bright orange with large, dark green leaves with purple underneath.
    Insulin plant has properties that can treat symptoms of: • Diabetes mellitus
    • Obesity
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
    • Liver damage
    • Cancer

    How does it work?

    Insulin plant gets its name because of its ability to effectively lower blood sugar levels, much like the endogenous insulin made by the body and synthetic forms used as injections.
    This is beneficial to people with diabetes mellitus, obesity, and other metabolic disorders.
    The insulin plant benefits come from its phytochemical content.
    The triterpenoids, flavonoids, proteins, and fatty acids contained in the plant work to delay carbohydrate absorption, increasing glucose uptake and storage, and enhance the effect of endogenous insulin.
    In the numerous studies conducted to learn more about insulin plant benefits, both crude extracts and refined extracts produced similar levels of effectiveness.
    Interestingly, it seemed to lower blood sugar in diabetic patients, but did not cause hypoglycemia in normal patients.

    Precautions & Warnings

    Herbal supplements are generally safe to take in moderate amounts, as directed by a health professional.
    However, because most herb and food supplements are not approved by the FDA for treating and preventing specific diseases, recommended daily values are not always established.

    What should I know before using insulin plant?

    Despite being advertised as “all-natural” or “safe”, natural or food supplements must be treated as conventional medication.
    Certain herbal preparations can interact with other medications you are taking, increasing the risk of adverse drug reactions and toxicity.
    Before using any insulin plant preparation to get its benefits, inform your doctor if: • You have ever had an allergic reaction to insulin plant or other supplements.
    • Have a history of allergy to other medications, food, or other substances.
    • Are taking other medications especially hypoglycemic agents or insulin.
    • You have underlying health conditions, such as kidney or liver impairment.

    Is it safe during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

    There is insufficient data regarding the use and safety of this supplement during pregnancy.
    Insulin plant should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefits justify the potential risks to the fetus, as determined by your doctor.
    It is not known if the active compounds are excreted into breast milk.
    This supplement should be used while breastfeeding only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the child, as determined by your doctor.

    Side Effects

    All supplements have the potential to elicit side effects even with normal use.
    Many side effects are dose-related and will resolve when it is adjusted or at the end of therapy.

    What side effects can occur from insulin plant?

    Potential side effects while using this supplement include: • Gastrointestinal discomfort
    • Skin irritation (if applied to the skin)
    • Hypoglycemia
    You may experience some, none, or other side effects not mentioned above.

    If you have any concerns about a side effect or it becomes bothersome, consult your doctor or pharmacist.


    To avoid any potential drug interactions, you should keep a list of all the drugs you are using (including prescription drugs, nonprescription drugs, and herbal products) and inform your doctor and pharmacist.

    Potential Drug Interactions

    Avoid using other diuretics while taking this supplement, as it may cause excessive urination, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalance.
    The liquid extract preparation of this medication may contain alcohol.
    Avoid taking the following together with this preparation: • Antihistamines
    • Sedatives
    • CNS depressants
    If you experience an adverse drug interaction, stop taking this drug and continue taking your other medication.
    Inform your doctor immediately to reevaluate your treatment plan.
    Your dose may need to be adjusted, substituted with another drug, or discontinue using the drug.

    Does food or alcohol interact with insulin plant?

    This medication may be taken with or without food.
    If you experience any gastrointestinal discomfort, taking this medication with meals may prevent this symptom.
    It is important to drink enough water while taking this medication.
    The liquid extract preparation of this medication may contain alcohol.
    Thus, alcohol consumption should be limited to prevent intoxication, especially in children or adults who need to drive or operate machinery.
    Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns regarding food-drug interactions.

    What health conditions may interact with insulin plant?

    This supplement should be taken with caution if you have an allergy to any of its ingredients.
    Inform your doctor or pharmacist if you have any concerns regarding specific health conditions.


    The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice. You should ALWAYS consult with your doctor or pharmacist before using insulin plant.

    What is the dose of insulin plant for an adult?

    The recommended dosage of this drug has not been established for treating any specific disease or condition.
    Consult with a doctor for the appropriate indication and dosage.

    What is the dose of insulin plant for a child?

    This supplement is not recommended for use in children and the recommended dose has not been established.
    Consult with a doctor or pharmacist for alternatives and more information.

    How is insulin plant available?

    This supplement is available in the following dosage forms: • Liquid extract
    • Dried powder
    • Tea
    • Capsule

    What should I do in case of an emergency or overdose?

    In case of an emergency or an overdose, call your local emergency services or go to your nearest emergency room.

    What should I do if I miss a dose?

    If you miss a dose of this supplement, take it as soon as possible.
    However, if it is almost time for your next dose, skip the missed dose and take your regular dose as scheduled.
    Do not take a double dose.
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Baby Ali, 11-month old with heart disease pleads for help, prayers

  • He just turned a month shy of his first birthday last Aug. 16. But there are no celebratory cakes and candles just as yet.
    For infants his age, it might have been a happy celebration, with friends and relatives coming over to give him and his delighted family well wishes. But Baby Zayn Maquiel Pagcaliwangan is not your normal child. He hasn’t been like that since being born nearly a year ago.

    You see, the infant has practically lived all his life inside the confines of a hospital. The infant, whose family hails from Barangay Poblacion, Aborlan town in Palawan, was born with congenital heart defects.
    Baby Zayn has DORV (double outlet right ventricle) in which the arteries that connect the heart to the lungs are reversed from their normal position, VSD (ventricular septal defect) or hole in the heart and PDA (patent ductus arteriosus), or an opening in the heart of a human fetus that did not close even after the baby was born.

    The infant’s dire condition has sent him to the hospitals several times and in long durations each. According to his mother, 20-year old Pollyn, Baby Ali—as Zayn Maquiel is dotingly called by those who love him——was so gravely ill that his vital signs monitor went to a flat line several times.

    His medical condition has cost the family so much, with hospital bills running to over P2 million. The infant’s medical emergency has drained his family’s finances, prompting relatives and friends to shell out money and help.

    In between, Baby Ali’s condition swung from bad to alright then back to bad again. He underwent a series of delicate operations. The latest of which came two months ago when he was rushed to the Philippine Heart Center (PHC).

    Now, his frail body is fighting as his stay at the PHC is nearing to end. But the bills are mounting as his family is racing against time to find doctors who can save him. The financial burden is only part of the family’s predicament. Many relatives and friends have remained steadfast to help. Among them is Rea Rodriguez and her coworkers at Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc. (YBHPI), maker of wellness product Yamang Bukid Turmeric 10-in-1 Tea.

    During an impromptu lunchtime fund raiser, Rodriguez and her colleagues had raised about P35,000 which they gave to the baby’s mother, Pollyn.
    But the amount is still paltry compared to the expected costs as Baby Ali again goes under the knife. The family and all those who love Baby Ali are knocking hearts for help and prayers.

    They are not giving up on Baby Ali. Ever.

    For those who want to help, you may contact Ms. Pollyn Pagcaliwangan on Facebook.

    Cash deposits may be made to this account:

    POLICARPIO M. PAGCALIWANGAN Landbank of the Philippines Account number: SA 3636-0115-75
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Regin “Ar-ar” Bolasoc

  • Eating rice and catsup for a meal to save up for books did not deter Ar-ar from striving in life. Watch how a determined student and a diligent worker rise from abject poverty to become an area manager of Yamang Bukid Healthy Products Inc. for Bulacan.
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